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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Deaf and Disabled Dogs

Tonight I was visiting the Deaf Dogs Atlas web site to update Shep's information there. I was stunned to see a little Australian Shepherd puppy there from Virginia named Stevie. Stevie looks almost exactly like Shep at that age (about 4 months, I'd guess from the photo), from the pink on his nose all the way down to the blue spots on his rump! I couldn't believe it.


But seeing these deaf dogs made me want to post a message here to encourage you to seek out and adopt, or at least help find a loving home for, deaf and disabled pets. Many people think that disabled animals can't possibly be happy, because they believe, mistakenly, that since they themselves wouldn't be happy in such a condition, then a dog or cat certainly couldn't be. It's better to put them out of their misery, they say. How wrong they are!!! I am so glad I gave Shep a chance at a good, happy life in a loving home. Yes, he was deaf and vision-impaired, but he was very happy and his happiness was contagious to all those who met him. I'm sorry he died before his time, but he and I had 11 great years together that some would have denied us!

Please visit the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund to learn more about deaf dogs and how they CAN be trained. Like Shep, most learn sign language or hand gestures. While you're there you may even see a deaf dog that you'd like to adopt. If so, please do.

Xena: Requires Urgent Adoption

I'd also like to encourage you to visit Special Needs Pets to find a pet that needs you to adopt it. There are many pets there waiting just for you. Maybe you'll find a new first mate.

Diamond: Paralyzed

Thank you.

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