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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Worldwide Weather Page

Welcome to Promise's NEW AND IMPROVED Worldwide Weather Page! Now bigger, now better, now truly worldwide!

Please patronize the sponsor of the Weather Page:

Current conditions on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands:

To find out if there are any weather watches or warnings posted for your area, or any state in the U.S., go to the
  • Weather Warnings Map

  • For marine weather information, forecasts, and links to other weather-related sites, visit

  • For worldwide oceanic conditions and marine weather, visit
  • Weather Underground

  • For current ocean data including wave heights, wind strength and direction, and water surface temperature, anywhere in the world, check out

  • And from NOAA,
  • Ocean Prediction Center

  • For current conditions and weather forecasts, you can visit the following sites:



    Click here for SAILcast weather

    Click here for Summer weather

    Click here for Tropical weather

    And don't forget WeatherMatrix:

    WeatherMatrix - Worldwide Weather Enthusiasts

    By clicking on the images below, you can see current satellite photos for each respective world region:

    Continental United States


    Gulf of Mexico


    Eastern Pacific Ocean


    Australia & New Zealand


    Middle East

    Northern South America

    Central South America

    Southern South America

    Northern Africa

    Southern Africa

    Fair Winds & Blue Skies!


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